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Posts for: September, 2016

By Selena L. Marchan, DMD, PA
September 29, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to take care of the little flaws that keep your smile from being perfect? Veneers may be the veneersideal cosmetic dentistry option for you. Dr. Selena Marchan, your Jacksonville, FL dentist, explains how veneers can make your smile unforgettable.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain that hide a variety of dental flaws. Porcelain is tough enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear and reflects light just like your natural tooth enamel. Because veneers only applied to the fronts of your teeth, improving your smile is quick and simple.

Veneers improve the appearance of teeth

Veneers are a good choice if one tooth is a little crooked, has a depression in the middle or just looks a little odd. Over the years, you may have noticed that a few of your teeth look shorter than others. The problem commonly occurs due to wear and tear or may happen if you grind your teeth at night. Veneers lengthen those short teeth and restore symmetry to your smile.

Veneers hide chips and cracks

Wear and tear can also cause small chips and cracks to form on teeth. When you choose veneers, those problems simply disappear thanks to the thin porcelain shells that cover the imperfections.

Gaps disappear with veneers

Veneers are also an effective way to cover slight gaps between your teeth. Although the spaces may be small, they can have a big impact on your smile.

Yellow or brown discolorations vanish

It's hard to ignore a discolored tooth when you look in the mirror. Luckily, veneers can conceal those discolorations that can occur due to dental procedures, large fillings or tetracycline use. If your entire smile isn't as white as you would like, veneers also offer an excellent alternative to teeth whitening. Since porcelain veneers are very stain resistant, you'll enjoy long-lasting whitening and can even choose the exact shade of white you prefer.

Are you interested in transforming your smile with dental veneers? Call Dr. Selena Marchan, your Jacksonville, FL dentist, at (904) 221-5678 to schedule an appointment.