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By Selena L. Marchan, DMD, PA
March 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Learn more about getting cosmetic dentistry in Jacksonville, and what it can do for your smile.cosmetic dentistry

You are ready to get a smile makeover and perhaps you even know what you would like to change but you just aren’t sure what’s going to help you. We understand that shopping around for cosmetic dentistry can take a lot of thought, which is why our Jacksonville, FL, family dentist, Dr. Selena Marchan, is here to provide a little information about some popular cosmetic dentistry options you may be considering:


You hate that the only thing people seem to notice are those discoloration, chips and other flaws that keep your smile from being just perfect. Perhaps people staring at your teeth and not you when you talk have you feeling a bit self-conscious. We have you covered (quite literally)! This porcelain restoration will cover these embarrassing problem areas and more to give you a smile that’s perfectly radiant, straighter and well proportioned.

Imagine having a smile that’s just like the stars. You can hide imperfections, lengthen or widen the shape of your teeth, and even cover gaps, or crowding in your smile.

Crowns and Bridges

Whether you are dealing with a damaged or missing tooth, dental crowns and bridges will be there to save the day. Both of these restorations are custom-made to fit your smile and will help to protect weak or damaged teeth, improve the appearance of a tooth and also replace one or more missing teeth in a row.


If you love the idea of fixing crowding, crooked teeth or gaps in your smile but hate the idea of needing traditional braces in order to do it, your Jacksonville cosmetic dentist understands. This is why we offer Invisalign, the clear way to straighten your smile. Instead of brackets and wires you’ll wear customized, clear flexible aligners that cover over your top and bottom teeth to shift them into their proper alignment. Invisalign fits into any lifestyle and is great for both teens and adults.

Do you have questions about getting cosmetic dentistry? Do you want to sit down and discuss these options further? If so, our Jacksonville, FL dental office can help. Give us a call and get on the books today!